Canoe and traditions

approximately 4h00

Available from July 1st to August 31st, from Monday to Friday 9:00 am. Upon reservation only, minimum of 48 hours prior.


A guide accompanies the visitors on a canoe ride on the KABIR KOUBA River. The quay of arrival is located on the Traditional Huron Site. The guide will tell the visitors the legend of the Great Snake KABIR KOUBA.

We recommend that you wear clothes that are suitable for the weather, and that you bring along extra clothes and shoes. The Huron Traditional Site is not responsible for lost or damaged items during this activity. A sealed waterproof bag can be rented at your expense to protect your belongings if you wish.


A guide will teach the visitors how to throw a tomahawk. Archery for visitors 17 years old and under.


With a guide wearing the traditional apparel.

Visit of theYänonhchia’, the long house, where is showed the traditional way of life and the social organisation at the Europeans arrival. Techniques of food preservation (smoker and dryer for the meat). Reminder of means of transportations of the old time. Initiation to the spiritual life of the Wendat people. Sweat lodge and medicine of our ancestors. Giant tipi, discovery of the different First Nations and actual situation of the Huron- Wendat people.


Made of deer leather and goose and pheasant feathers, the medicine wheel is used to chase away illness. The cross represents the four cardinal points and intends to protect each and every home around the world. The caribou bones are symbol of luck.