Guided tour

A journey into the heart of huron traditions, past and present

Visitors are welcomed all year long.

Guided tour will be available July to September 2022

The rest of the year, for now, since Covid, we only offer a self-guided tour with a brochure. Since we know it won’t be the same experience we offer you a 35% of discount.

The guided tour consists of :

  • Visit of the Long House (Huron’s traditional housing). Presentation of the Huron’s way of life.
  • Visit of the smokehouse and the fish and meat dryer. Comments on methods of food preservation.
  • Visit of the sweat lodge. Presentation on purification techniques used by our ancestors.
  • We make stop at the giant tee-pee. Informations about the way of life of Indigenous from different Québec Nations.
  • Presentation on traditional means of transportation and on the making of canoes and snowshoes. Visitors are invited to take a seat in large canoes to listen to the guide.
  • Presentation on the present life of the Hurons in the village of Wendake.

The guided tour is offered all year long come snow, rain or shine. All exhibits are covered in case of rain and can accommodate an entire group. The guided tour is offered in French, English and Spanish.

Your stay will last approximately 2 hours which includes a 45 minutes guided tour and free time to allow visitors to go back on the site, take pictures and visit our shop.  Don’t forget to stop by our restaurant !


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