Traditional games and workshop on animal skins

approximately 2h
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Available year long, upon reservation only.

A trip into the heart of the Wendat history and their ancient way of life

  • Visit the Wendat Long House Yänonhchia’
  • Presentation of the traditional way of life and the social organization at the time the Europeans arrived
  • Reminder of the traditional means of transport
  • Initiation into the spiritual life of the Wendat Nation by entering the sweat lodge (ENDEONNSK8A)
  • Discover Indigenous traditional food preservation techniques: ETIESATRAOA (smokehouse) and ETI8ATSAOAOA (drying shed)

Workshop on animal skins

Learn about animal skins and get introduced to the handling of skins and how to make use of tools formerly used for tanning.

Traditional games

One of the most stimulating programs for our young visitors, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the family games played by our ancestors during the winter. A unique and dynamic way of playing while immersing themselves into the ancient Native way of life.

Proposed games:

“Crab race” : The goal is to improve the physical endurance of our young participants.

“Protect your reserves” : The goal is to improve the hearing abilities of the participants.