Discovery of the Native music

approximately 2h
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A trip into the heart of the Huron-Wendat history and their ancient way of life

  • Visit the Huron Long House Yänonhchia’.
  • Presentation of the traditional way of life and the social organization at the time when the Europeans arrived.
  • Remind the traditional means of transport.
  • Initiation into the spiritual life of the Huron Nation by entering the sweat lodge (ENDEONNSK8A).
  • Discover Indigenous traditional food preservation techniques: ETIESATRAOA (smokehouse) and ETI8ATSAOAOA (drying shed).
  • The rythm of Native music and dances.

The Rhythm of Native Music and Dances

Our young visitors experience an unforgettable moment by entering the colorful universe of the Native dances and costumes. They also have the possibility to be initiated to music instruments such as tam-tam, rattle or flute.

Afterwards they participate in spiritual ceremonies formerly practiced by the Huron and they also hear the fascinating legend of the big snake Kabir Kouba. At the end of this program, we invite our young visitors to participate at the friendship dance with our dancers who will teach them how to execute the simple step and the horse step.

Bannock (Native bread) tasting

Let us surprise our young visitors with a maple bannock snack accompanied with a juice. (satisfaction guaranteed)