Traditional meal and huron games package

Minimum 2h30 with the meal
Contact us to help you set your day and rates.

A trip into the heart of the Huron-Wendat history and their ancient way of life

  • Visit the Huron Long House Yänonhchia’.
  • Presentation of the traditional way of life and the social organization at the time when the Europeans arrived.
  • Remind the traditional means of transport.
  • Initiation into the spiritual life of the Huron Nation by entering the sweat lodge (ENDEONNSK8A).
  • Discover Indigenous traditional food preservation techniques: ETIESATRAOA (smokehouse) and ETI8ATSAOAOA (drying shed).


We place in front of a blindfolded player three objects. He/she must protect them from another player who was designated to steal them from him/her. The blindfolded player is not allowed to touch the objects. He/she must keep his/her hands above them.


A unique chance for our young visitors to have an unforgettable culinary experience at our restaurant NEK8ARRE. While tasting their game based meal, our young friends get a better understanding of the Indigenous culture.


Traditional soup of the day and bannock (Native bread).
Bison Burger served with potatoes seasoned with fresh herbs, accompanied by seasonal vegetables.
Home style cake served with a savoury maple sauce.
Wild tea.