Snowshoes and nature with meal

approximately 4h00-4h30

Package with meal (15 people and more)

Available from December to mid-March. Upon reservation only.


With a guide wearing the traditional apparel.

A guide accompanies the visitors on snowshoes in the forest to initiate them to the natural environment that surrounds them.

Since this is an outdoor physical activity, we recommend that you wear warm clothing depending on the weather and that you bring along extra clothes.

Guided tour

With a guide wearing the traditional apparel.

Visit of the Yänonhchia’, the long house, where is showed the traditional way of life and the social organisation at the Europeans arrival. Techniques of food preservation (smoker and dryer for the meat). Reminder of means of transportations of the old time. Initiation to the spiritual life of the Huron people. Sweat lodge and medicine of our ancestors. Giant tipi, discovery of the different First Nations and actual situation of the Huron-Wendat people.


Presentation of the menu (NEK8ARRE ritual)

  • Traditional soup of the day and bannock (Native bread)
  • Maple flavoured bison sausages served with wild and white rice accompanied by seasonal vegetables.
  • Home style cake served with a savoury maple sauce.
  • Wild tea


Made of deer leather and goose and pheasant feathers, the medicine wheel is used to chase away illness. The cross represents the four cardinal points and intends to protect each and every home around the world. The caribou bones are symbol of luck.


According to ancient believes the people who had knowledge had to transmit it to the younger generations within the Nation. This is where many legends come from. These tales and legends are shared with our visitors, such as the ones about the Creation of the world, the Monstrous Bear, the Discovery of Fire and the Gift from the Great Spirit. Visitors leave enchanted !